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Aging at Home Caregivers

How to Find the Best In-Home Care Providers?

How to Find the Best In-Home Care Providers?

Many seniors prefer to age at home compared to a nursing facility. This is because it enables them to stay in a well-known environment and with their loved ones. The main advantage of aging at home health care in Philadelphia is that it provides comfort and continuity, which is an essential part of personal identity. Home is not just any other place, but a special place that is engulfed with beautiful memories and personal and household items that are part of our life’s journey. Below are some tips for finding the best in-home care provider for you or your loved ones.

Consult with your Doctor and Family Members

Talking to your doctor and family members should always be the first step when looking for home health care in Philadelphia. Your family members can help you understand the type of personal as well as long term care you may need. Your doctor, on the other hand, can confirm the type of medical assistance you may need while in the home. Furthermore, your doctor will also be giving instructions to your caregiver. It is also important to speak with your loved ones to determine if they will continue providing caregiver assistance as they used to or whether your new caregiver will take over all the tasks. Family members and friends can also highlight important areas you didn’t notice before.

Determine Your Health Care Needs

Once you have spoken about your intentions with the people you trust, the next step is to determine exactly your health care needs. Such needs are evaluated using activities of daily living (ADL) as well as instrumental activities of daily living (IADL). They entail self-care activities such as

  • Basic hygiene and personal grooming
  • Bathing or showering
  • Using the toilet
  • Getting dressed
  • Self-feeding
  • Moving around the house for regular activities
  • Find the Best In-Home Care Providers

Finding an in-house care provider is not difficult as others make it sound. You can get the best in-home providers from

  • Doctor’s referrals and referrals from your family and friends
  • The directory of in-home care providers
  • In-home care agency in your area

Interview Short Listed Candidates

Once you have identified the best home healthcare agency, the next step is to interview them and see if they are the right fit for you. America Home Healthcare will send a representative to your home where you can conduct the interview. During the interview, you should ask about the type of services they are offering and also inform them about the kind of health care you will need. It would be best if you also looked at the training and educational background of the caregivers, among other factors.